Ozzy & Wes is a woman-owned lighting design studio based in Brooklyn New York and Belfast Maine. We combine art, design, science, storytelling, engineering and a passion for supporting local and artisan businesses to create high-end lighting fixtures.


Ozzy & Wes is the studio of lighting designer Kate Sweater, a graduate of both RISD and the Lighting Research Center at RPI.

We create objects that are meant to connect to our audience on multiple levels, and to be cared for by their owners for a long time. We design custom fixtures, and offer lighting design consulting in multiple capacities, you can learn more here.


We are headquartered in Belfast Maine, and have an office in Brooklyn NY.


Kate Sweater started working in lighting in 2004, at a wonderful lighting restoration shop in Brooklyn NY, thanks to the miracles of Craigslist Jobs. She quickly realized that lighting design allowed for research and exploration in art, craft, science and engineering. More than 15 years later, she is still in love with lighting design and has worked as a fixture engineer, architectural lighting designer and senior lighting research specialist. Ozzy & Wes is a way to give something back to the lighting industry, and an opportunity to combine many of the aspects of this diverse field.


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